A fast-paced 2D platformer about falling through the sky — you are a bomb looking to explode.

You are the bomb

With a super tough nose that can bash enemies as you fall. It flashes green everytime you hit something.

Boom — boom — bang

But your sides and fins are vulnerable. Take care not to get flanked or else you will be going bang when you're not supposed to.

It's good to explode

Beginning from space, you traverse three stages of the atmosphere, moving left and right freely, up to float slightly and down to accelerate.

You also collect clouds as you destroy them, charging your retro booster, activated at your will.

The sky is filled with enemies

Some are natural, others are artificial. All of them hurt.

Large Bird

Power Boosts affect your stats

They are the most common collectable and have a green circular background.

Radar Echo
Summons a decoy
Microchipped Shield
Shields +2. Health +1.
Hyper-threaded Chip
Damage +1. Health +1.
Water Condenser
Creates clouds nearby

Gems increase your score

They immediately grant a multiplier bonus based on your current stats. They are less common than power boosts and have a pale grey, hourglass background.

Perfect Ruby
Damage x 500
Royal Sapphire
Health x 400
Flawless Amethyst
Crystals x 300
Brilliant Opal
Enemies killed x 200
Dazzling Emerald
Powerups collected x 100
Perfect Diamond
ALL stats x 100
The high score table with some pitiful results.

Your final score

Includes a bonus based on your current health, damage, shields, powerups collected, cloud crystals shattered, enemies killed and time spent in the air.

If you die, you get half the final bonus.

Gems apply their bonuses as they are collected.

Player Health
Player Damage (from nose bumps)
Number of Shields Active (absorbs enemy damage)
Powerups Collected
Cloud Crystals collected
Enemies killed

Relics are powerful

Relics apply powerful modifiers to you. They are rare and have a golden, star-shaped background.

Power ROM
Health +1. Damage +3. Crystals +2. Score +400.
Gem Explosion
Makes a lot of gems appear nearby.
Optimal Buffer
Damage reduced from enemies.
Precision Instruments
Health +5. Shields +5. Score +1000

each game

Three Augments can be randomly assigned before a game and alter a range of stats and affects.

Or you can play without any at all (recommended to begin with, untl you get used to the game).

Augments could…

  • Be useful starting bonuses.
  • Affect the rate at which your stats change.
  • Affect many stats at the same time.
  • Block certain stats from being altered.
  • Cause power boosts and gems to apply double or triple their effect.
  • Provide extra score to gems collected.
  • Be any combination of the Augments available.


Out Now. Nintendo Switch | PC | Mac